Bristol race fans have pre-race routines

Race fans prepare

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Some fans that come to Bristol Motor Speedway have pre-race routines to get ready for the big race.

A large breakfast and relaxing is how some fans like Tom Stoll prepare for a long day of racing. "You've got to be able to pace yourself," he said. "You've got to be in it to win it."

Being prepared means starting with what fan Gregg Gifford calls a 'monster breakfast'. "Get Ziploc freezer bags, put three or four eggs in them with all of your cheese, green peppers, and onion. Mash it all up, throw it in a boiling pot of water for about 15 minutes and it comes out as one of the best omelets you ever had," adds race fan Gregg Gifford.

Gifford tells us after breakfast comes down time. "This is our relaxing time. We try to stay out of the sun, replenish water and Gatorade, get some fluids in you before the race tonight," he said.

For some people a pre-race ritual is taking part in a race poll. "You pull a number; if it's 20 you've got the 20th qualifier. We pay first, fifteenth, thirtieth, and last so you've got a good chance of winning," says race fan Gerald Rayle.

Rayle tells us the poll is known around the campground and it's something everyone looks forward to. "We kind of do a little race poll every Saturday at 11. Usually we have the same 43 come and maybe a few extras," adds Rayle.

For other people the pre-race ritual is taking in all that Bristol Motor Speedway has to offer. "We do a lot of walk-throughs with the souvenir tents, the trailers and the set-ups," says Gifford.

Race fans tell us they also look forward to all of the pre-race concerts. Saturday night the main attraction was Hank Williams, Jr.

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