Bristol prepares for an artistic weekend

BRISTOL, Va. - Downtown Bristol is all about the State Of The Arts this weekend with arts on display, an arts for kids day on Saturday, an art competition where artist do their work in front of an audience plus a movie presentation of "The Great Gatsby".

Many of the weekend activities are free.

This morning, May 20th, a fund raiser was announced to help pay for all of these free events. 35 blank canvases have been purchased for local artist to create works of art centered around a musical theme.

Mimi Kind says,  "all these pieces of work will be on display at pretty girl station the next art devine which is September 12th and all the pieces of art work that have been created by our local artists will be on sale for 30 dollars a piece."

It was also announced that the early planning stages of a film festival in downtown Bristol is in the works.

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