Bristol Pirates players discover stolen electronics from clubhouse

BRISTOL, Va. - Devault stadium, home of the Bristol Pirates, played host to Bristol's police force Sunday morning.

Bristol Pirates players came to the clubhouse Sunday morning to get ready for their game Sunday night against the Elizabethton Twins and discovered someone broke in.

General Manager Mahlon Luttrell says he got the call around 9:15 Sunday morning. "It appears to be just some electronic items. Some laptops, headsets… things of that nature," adds Luttrell.

He says the Pirates clubhouse manager was the last one at the stadium. The clubhouse manager left around 1:30 a.m. locking the doors to the clubhouse behind him.

"We're very good about keeping the doors locked and it appeared to be a possible forced entry," says Luttrell.

News 5 is still working to find out how many items were actually taken, but Luttrell says he believes it was only electronics.

"We've asked all the players to go back and re-inventory everything in their lockers just to make sure nothing's missing that was overlooked," adds Luttrell.

Bristol Virginia Police say they don't have any leads on who stole the electronics and are still investigating at this time. Stay with News 5 for more updates on this developing story.

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