Bristol Nursing Home has admissions suspended

State cites several reasons for action

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The Tennessee Department of Health and Commissioner John Dreyzehner have stopped all new admissions to the Bristol Nursing home at 261 North Street.

We were there last week checking out tips that state inspectors were inside the facility. Nursing home staff at that time would not tell us if anyone was there or comment on any investigation at the facility.

The state says inspectors were there from April 18 through April 22 and the investigation was completed on April 30. Inspectors reported finding several violations involving resident rights, nursing services, record keeping, administrative issues and performance improvement.

Now, according to the state, in addition to suspending admissions, the nursing home must also pay a one-time civil penalty of $3,000 and a special monitor has been appointed to review operations there.

The health department may suspend admissions to a nursing home when conditions are determined to be, or are likely to be, detrimental to the safety or health of those living there. The state says the order barring new admissions will remain intact until conditions there have been corrected, but the nursing home does have a right to appeal the suspension.

We'll have more information online and on News 5 WCYB later tonight.

Click here to read the Department of Health's report on the facility. (180kb PDF)

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