Bristol Man Has Had Hiccups For 27 Years

BRISTOL, Tenn. - One Bristol, Tennessee man is holding his breath for a miracle. But after years of wishing, he's starting to lose hope.

Bob Taylor drinks a glass of water every day in hopes to get rid of a little problem. "I have hiccups," Taylor said, "but they never did go away."

He told us Wednesday that he's had them for 27 years. "I lay in bed at least an hour or more before I doze off. I wake up in the morning, still there," he said.

Taylor says that he's gone to doctors for help but has had no luck yet. "The VA said they could operate on the nerve in my stomach, but it wasn't serious enough," he explained. "To me it's serious." Doctors tell us that nerve is what causes the diaphragm to have spasms, which helps create the hiccups.

We checked online to see what remedies we could find, but Taylor says he?s already tried them all. "[I] stood on my head, drank water, sugar water," said Taylor. Taylor continued to say that he even tried a spoon full of mustard. "I tried to eat it. Ew."

Fortunately for Taylor, there are a few other options. "There are medications for people with chronic hiccups, so we try and use these when nothing else works," said Dr. Grat Correll.

Taylor says those medications make him sick, so he'd rather have surgery. All he knows is that he wants rid of them. "They can operate, I really don't care what I have to go through to stop them," said Taylor.

We learned from Dr. Correll that men are three times more likely to get chronic hiccups than women. Many times hiccups are actually early signs to other illnesses and even sometimes cancer.

Watch video: 27 years of hiccups

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