In broad daylight, a woman walks into her home and finds a man she's never seen before on her bed.

It happened in the Bloomingdale area of Sullivan County Wednesday afternoon.  Maggie Masterson, a mother of two, says she got the surprise of her life when she pulled up to her home, and saw an odd car parked in the driveway. 

Thinking it was her landlord, she walked inside.  Once she got to her bedroom, Maggie says right on her bed was a scary situation.

"There was a strange man laying there and he jumped up and he chased me from the back room all the way out of the porch yelling- get out of my house," says the victim, Maggie Masterson.

Maggie took off for the front door and jumped over the railing.  She ran to her neighbor's house and they called 911.

Deputies caught and arrested Randall Jordan, a Bristol Virginia man.

They say Jordan smelled of alcohol and told them he was at the house to visit a relative named Chuck, who Maggie says she's never heard of.

Jordan is facing several charges including aggravated burglary, DUI, driving on a suspended license and violation of the open container law.