Bristol family captured Kennedy's procession on film

Local family captured Kennedy's procession on film

BRISTOL, Va. - On the day of Kennedy's funeral, a Bristol, Virginia family not only witnessed it, but captured the procession on film.

50 years ago, Marshall Buchanan shot the film on his now-vintage camera. 

He remembers hearing the news about the President's assassination and decided he wanted his family to witness the funeral.  "That day I told my wife, we need to go to the funeral," says Marshall Buchanan.

The Buchanans lived nearby in Virginia at the time and drove to the nation's capitol.

They walked almost a mile to witness the procession. "You wouldn't believe the crowd and the people crying.  It was a terrible situation," says Buchanan.

The old film of the historic event was recently converted onto a DVD, along with other home videos, to hopefully ensure it lasts for decades to come.

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