Bristol early voting updates

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The countdown is on as we head toward election day on November 6, and more than 500 people walked through the doors at the National Armory in Bristol, Tennessee on Tuesday to cast their vote.

Many voters say they've had their minds made up for quite some time and now are glad to be making it count, especially first time voters.

Cheyenne Thornsberry said, "I already knew who I wanted to vote for, so it is my future and it is my first time and I wanted to go ahead and get it done."

"It is always exciting to vote for the president, but we wanted to get it done," said Linda Rhodes.

More than 17,000 people voted in Sullivan County Tuesday and one poll worker said they are well ahead of where they were in the 2008 election. Rick Fields said, "I think it is important to go ahead and get as many votes cast early as we can, and plus, it helps cut down all the crowd on election day."

Many voters say they watched the presidential debates, but it didn't make much of an influence. "I kind of already knew, but the debates helped seal the decision," said Thornsberry.

If you plan on voting early, remember to bring a photo ID. Early voting closes on November 1.

Virginia Intermont College conducted a poll of their own, and political science professor Anne Shumaker tells us President Obama won their straw poll with 121 votes to Romney's 85.

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