Bristol Chamber of Commerce celebrates a successful 2013

BRISTOL, Va. -       It's been another successful year for the Bristol Chamber of Commerce. Business leaders gathered at the annual awards luncheon today to celebrate. Our General Manager here at WCYB Jack Dempsey emceed the event.

     Once again the Bristol Chamber of Commerce earned a 5 star rating - which only one-percent of chambers in the country can boast.

     Incoming Chairman of the Board, Chris Lee told me we're headed for another big year with the Falls Development in Virginia and the Pinnacle in Tennessee leading the way. "With all the construction and people getting ready for the retail, I think that's probably the number one driver. But we've always got the Bristol Speedway. And we've got this huge museum that getting ready to open up downtown."

     Many volunteers were recognized for their hard work this year, but the biggest honor - the Lifetime Achievement award, went to Dr. Mike Browder, General Manager and CEO of BTES.

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