Bristol Amateur Radio Club prepares for possible disaster

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A local group prepares for emergency disasters Saturday in Bristol, Tennessee.

The Bristol Amateur Radio Club, otherwise known as the hams, is having its annual field day.

Amateur radio is used for emergency communications during a disaster.

When a storm or a fire knocks out telephone lines and cell phone towers, emergency management groups call in the hams.

Radio clubs are used to communicate with emergency responders, hospitals and the outside world.

Field day is a way for the club to get ready in case of an emergency.

"We're set up for field day. We do this once a year. We come out and set up in a remote spot, we run our generators and our radios and we make sure that we're ready in case of an emergency," says Tom Shutters, President of the Radio Club.

More than 35,000 radio operators participated in last year's field day and it could be years before their services are needed, but annual field days keep them prepared.


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