Birthplace of Country Music Museum ready to open

BRISTOL, Va. - The Birthplace of Country Music Museum is just weeks away from opening in downtown Bristol.

Construction is done and exhibits are going in. Saturday, a private reception was held at the museum to recognize BurWil, the construction team who made it all possible.

The building was built in the late 1920s and once belonged to Goodpasture Motor Company and is now home to photos, restored instruments and country music exhibits.

Construction started January of 2013 and took a year and eight months to finish.

Superintendent of BurWil Anthony Huff says the biggest challenge for them was dealing with all the windows.

"One of the neat things that was original was the Palace Barber Shop glass. We were able to save that. It was actually covered up. We found it during the demolition," adds Huff.

The museum opens on August 1. You can find information on times and admission on their website at

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