Birthplace of Country Music Museum hosts first event

BRISTOL, Va. - The Birthplace of Country Music Museum welcomed quite the crowd Tuesday evening.     

It was the museum's first official event.  

The Rose Sisters performed and will go down in history as being the first act to perform there.

Jamie Collins is from Bristol, TN and Karla Diller, originally from Colorado, lives in Abingdon, VA. The two say they're extremely honored to be the first act to perform at the museum.

You can find the Rose Sisters on Facebook and they'll also play at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.

The talented musicians helped kick things off as the Rotary Club of Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee got together.

The club welcomed some Australian Rotarians who gave a great presentation about their culture and some of the wonderful work they're doing in places like the Republic of Vanuatu, a small island in the South Pacific.

Museum leaders say this will be their only event until the museum opens because exhibits will soon be coming in and they will be busy with set-up.

But, they're already getting requests to host weddings and Christmas events and they say they're looking forward to becoming a destination for people in the community as well as many visitors.

They also plan to host educational events and summer camps.
The museum has two job openings: they're looking for an Education and Outreach Coordinator and a Curator of Collections and Digital Media.
Earlier Tuesday, Believe in Bristol's Board of Directors toured the facility with the museum's director Jessica Turner.

They got a look at theater spaces complete with seats and flooring, as well as climate controlled rooms where exhibits will be placed over the next several months.

"We have film makers who are finishing some of the final pieces of the films and the media touch screens for the exhibits," said Turner. "And we have some ongoing projects that will, you know, take us into the next year, some different projects that we'll install even after the museum is opened."

Turner said that folks from around the world are already booking tours for next fall.  

The project is said to be running on time and on budget and is expected to open its doors in early August.

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