Best Buy sees an increase in returns, shoppers day after Christmas

BRISTOL, Va. - Gray Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest days for retailers. The day after Christmas may be the biggest day for returns, but it's not a bad day for shopping either.

Best Buy in Bristol, Virginia said they always see plenty of people buying accessories like phone and iPod cases, and things like video games and controllers, to go along with game systems that were given as gifts.

Asset Protection Manager Randy Mitchell tells News 5 that some essential accessories, like memory cards and batteries, are more popular than others.

He estimated the store sells 200 percent more memory cards the day after Christmas than any other day of the year.

Mitchell said after Christmas store visits help bolster the big months of November and December. "We actually had customers here at 7 am. Lots of returns, lots of gift card purchases. Lot of exchanges. Getting the wrong color of things, they're coming back and getting the right color," said Mitchell

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