Be safe when deep frying turkeys

BRISTOL, Va. - Experts have some tips as we fire up the deep fryers for Thanksgiving.

Chefs at the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College tell us when you're deep frying a turkey you want to watch out for extra moisture and grease overflows.

Chef Richard Erskine tells us you need to drain your turkey overnight before sticking it in the fryer; if you don't, the turkey juices will bubble and the grease will overflow.

Erskine said you should fill the fryer only half way with oil.

"You'll have displacement from the bird's volume so it will displace the oil and rise so if you put too much in there it'll boil over and when that oil hits the flame that you have underneath that fire it can flare up and that's when the grease hits the carpet or hits the side of the house," said Chef Richard Erskine.

Erskine says you should always cook the turkey outdoors on a dirt or concrete surface.

He suggests deep frying 20 feet from the house and not under a carport.


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