Be careful before putting Halloween make-up on children

BRISTOL, Tenn. -
Halloween, that time of year when you try to look as scary as possible.

But remember there comes a time to get all of the make up off your little goblins.

We talked with some make up students about getting ready for the Halloween holiday.

As the sun sets on King University the ghouls begin to get ready to descend on campus.

In reality they're students from a make up class this semester in the theatre department. They've been learning the basics but this time of year, they just can't help themselves.

"As we get closer the Halloween time that's when we bring out the fun stuff and so we work with the latex and we work with the bruising and the cuts and the abrasions and I really let them go wild," Says theatre professor Liz Dollar.

It's that experimentation that brings about creativity and learning about make up. They suggest the same for kids getting ready for the evening.

"You got to let them explore. I thing probably the most fun for me like within this class is just being able to king of try new things and see and if doesn't just take it off," Freshman Katelyn Morrell says.

But these students offer some precautions before making up the kids.

"I would suggest buying, if your going to put blood around your face, I would suggest buying blood like making sure you read the labels that say this blood is o.k. for ingesting especially if you putting it on children who want to be vampires or whatever it is," Said junior Kelsey Collins.

"Read the ingredients, labels, make sure you not allergic to stuff kind of common sense," Adds freshman Jessica King.

"Making sure if your kids have sensitive skin getting hypoallergenic make because I have really sensitive skin and I know that sometimes the Halloween stores can sell make up that irritates my skin," Katelyn says.

And of course after you've gone to all that trouble and all that work,..what goes on has to come off.

"Have tons of stuff to clean up afterward cause especially little kids and make up is like paint its going to go everywhere. Just have a set sport maybe and be ready to clean up," Special studies student Duivon Passmore said.

And know that the ghouls and goblins only come around once a year, and have fun with it.

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