Battle At Bristol proving to be good for area businesses

Battle At Bristol business

BRSTOL, Tenn. - Monday morning Bristol Motor Speedway announced plans for a college football game between the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

The game is set for September 10, 2016.

The calendar is still three years from the Battle at Bristol, but college football fans don't want to wait. "We've had an overwhelming response of callers not only since yesterday, but since Thursday when the news was actually leaked to the public,"  says Keisha Goulde, director of sales at the Courtyard Marriott in Bristol, Virginia.

But if you want to book a room you're going to have to wait. Goulde tells us rooms can only be booked one year in advance. "We've had callers from travel agencies wanting to book our entire hotel for the event," she said.

Next door at the Holiday Inn there won't be a rush to book rooms because it's already full. The manager tells us the hotel is already under contract with someone taking all 226 rooms. He won't say who is staying there, but says the hotel was booked before Monday's announcement.

Right next to Bristol Motor Speedway, Lady Equipment is planning on doing something for the big game, similar to what they do for NASCAR races. "We thought we'd do the same for the football as we do the camping for the races and stuff. Move everything off, have car parking, tailgating and vendors," says Stan Lady.

But many realize there's still plenty of time between now and the Battle At Bristol. "We're hoping for a lot of people and a big turnout. I didn't think it'd ever happen, but I'm glad it is," adds Lady.

Bristol Motor Speedway, the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech will all have tickets to the Battle at Bristol. To reserve tickets from BMS, you have to be a season ticket holder there; to reserve spots through UT, you need to be a member of the Tennessee Fund; and the Virginia Tech ticket office says it's not taking reservations at this time.

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