'Bath salts' user speaks out about overdosing, addiction

BRISTOL, Tennessee - Freddy Sharp was taken to the hospital after overdosing on bath salts, a drug similar to cocaine or meth, in January. "My biggest regret is how I hurt people emotionally. I hurt my family; how I've wasted my time, wasted my life," Sharp said.

Sharp started using drugs recreationally about 13 years ago. He admitted to trying marijuana, meth and cocaine, but he said bath salts are the hardest drug he's ever tried.

"This is supposed to be the highlight of my life. And I've ruined it," he said. Sharp first heard about the designer drugs from some friends.

He tried synthetic marijuana, known as K2, about a year ago. He eventually decided to try bath salts.

On the night of January 3, Sharp found a new type of bath salts. "This stuff was brown. It wasn't the white stuff I was getting before. So, I thought it would be good." Sharp had been doing bath salts almost continuously for three days and three nights without sleep. On that night, Sharp said he snorted three or four lines of the powerful powder. "It's more lethal and definitely more potent," he said. "It was more appealing because the regular stuff got dull after awhile."

After about 20 minutes, Sharp began having intense and terrifying hallucinations like something out of a horror film. "I saw Jason Voorhes coming through my window. I knew something was wrong. I'm seeing this and I know it's not real," he said. Sharp overdosed. He wound up in a hospital being sedated and needed a breathing tube.

Sharp watched the video of himself, filmed by the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department, for the first time nearly two months after his overdose. "I can't believe I was talking like that," he said while watching the video. "I sounded clearer in my head. The state of mind I was in was like an insane asylum."

According to Sharp, this was the first time he's had a 'bad trip.' To this day, he remembers every part of the demonic delusions. "At one point the delusion came into me, like it possessed me," he explained. "It felt really evil inside."

But it wouldn't be the last time Sharp overdosed on bath salts. "I've got to stay away from it. Or else I'm going to die. I will die if I continue to use it," he said. Eventually, he would be arrested while hallucinating on bath salts. He is due back in court in March for an evading arrest charge.

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