Baby Winston crosses another surgery hurdle

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A little boy who's fighting for his life has crossed another hurdle.

William Winston Blevins, the son of Eric and Christina Blevins was born on March first.  Soon after birth, doctors learned Winston had a heart condition that needed the attention of doctors at the University of Virginia Medical Center.

In addition to the structural issues in his heart, Doctor Vergales says Winston's internal organs mirror each other, so he has two right chambers of the heart, but no left chambers.  He also has two right lungs but no left and no spleen since the spleen is on the left side of the body.
It's a condition so rare, Doctor Vergales says UVA-a may see it twice a year.

We've learned Winston has made it through his third surgery which lasted 12 hours. After three attempts to remove him from the heart and lung machine and three hours of monitoring and tweaking, his heart is beating on its own.

There are fundraising efforts in support of Winston at various businesses on State Street.  You can also donate here.

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