Automated curbside recycling coming to Kingsport

Kingsport, Tenn. - Residents who are already participating in the City's curbside recycling program are about to receive an upgrade.  In a press release, the Kingsport is moving to an automated system that will reduce costs while providing a higher level of service.

The city says new 96 gallon recycling containers will be distributed in the next few weeks.  You can roll it to the curb instead of having to carry it. It has a lid on it, so your materials don't blow out.

The city says the switch to automated trucks should reduce the potential for workplace injuries and reduce the number of recycling trucks on the road from four to three. The new trucks will be able to do upwards of 1,000 stops per day.  It's anticipated that curbside recycling will stay on a weekly schedule, with recyclables picked up the same day as the resident's regular garbage service.

The city says they have nearly 10,000 households participating in our curbside program.

Curbside recyclers should remember that the carts should be placed about three feet away from any other object, including garbage cans, telephone poles, parked cars and mailboxes.

If any current recycling customer does not receive a new cart by June 3, they can call 229-9451 to request one.

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