Auto dealers clearing off hundreds of cars

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Clearing snow off your car isn't particularly quick or easy -- imagine having to clean off hundreds of cars.

That's exactly what they were doing at Bill Gatton Honda in Bristol, Tennessee on Thursday morning.

The Honda dealer says they have more than 420 cars, and employees were out clearing snow off of as many as possible.

General sales manager Denny Wagers tells News 5 the snow doesn't always hurt sales. "It may increase in the 4-wheel-drives. People may start remembering why they like them, and they'll come down and look. Maybe they'll drive one and appreciate it. So it may help in that aspect, but it may hit us a little bit like it does everybody else when people want to stay home," he told us.

Wagers says the dealership doesn't anticipate seeing lower sales numbers from the extended winter weather we've seen this year.

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