Attorney general and gubernatorial candidate stops in southwest Virginia

BRISTOL, Va. - Virginia's attorney general made a few stops in our area today as he campaigns to be the state's next governor.
Ken Cuccinelli met with reporters at clothing store Blakley-Mitchell in downtown Bristol.  That's where he spent time speaking with several small business owners this afternoon.

Cuccinelli says he believes small businesses provide the biggest job growth opportunities and he wants to help them succeed.

His plans include lower tax rates that are spread across a broader base.
"We're not going to put anything on the back of that sales tax while I'm governor, that's going to make us less competitive," said Cuccinelli.  "We want to see more economic activity over here and that means more jobs and that's our ultimate goal."

When asked about gun control, Cuccinelli said the gun issue must focus on mental health.

"We are the number one state, I believe, in the country, in screening out those suffering from mental illness from gun purchases," said Cuccinelli.  "That didn't used to be the case.   I supported getting Virginia to that point as a state senator but I believe law abiding citizens ought to have the full right to the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms."

Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has said he will decide by March 14th whether or not he's joining the race for governor as an independent.  Democrat Terry McAuliffe has no primary challenger.

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