Area college students concerned over changes

King University changes

BRISTOL, Tenn. - According to the Student Government Association at King Univeristy, about 200 people showed up to a forum to ask about where the school is headed.

Right now students are home for winter break, but there is some concern growing among students about the future of the school.

According the SGA, a forum was held a few weeks ago so students could talk to administrators about their concerns. "A lot of the student concern is the preservation of that learning environment, what it represents, and to make sure that students still get to be a part of that," says Austin Patrick, King's SGA Vice President.

We asked school administrators about the questions they've heard from students; we're told some concerns come from the satellite campuses -- one in Knoxville and a new one opening January in Nashville. "The idea that we have funds being diverted from Bristol to those other locations is just isn't true. In fact, [we're diversifying] our academic programs and try to offer access to a quality education to everyone, not just these students in Bristol," adds Matt Roberts, Dean of Academics.

We're told just looking at numbers alone the main campus would represents a 21 percent shortfall because of a drop in money from endowments and annual giving. "We have to find revenue sources that are going to keep us viable and vibrant, which we all want," adds Roberts.

The Dean of Students Matt Peltier adds there is still a major effort to reach out to students in Bristol. "Because we're serving more students doesn't mean we value the ones here any less," he said.

But some students still have questions about what's in store at King. Another forum is planned for January when students return from break.

King University tells us currently about 2,700 students attend King University either in Bristol or at a satellite campus.

On Friday evening 450 students graduated in their fall commencement ceremonies.

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