Anti-bullying class offered

BRISTOL, Va. - A Bristol, Virginia karate business wants to put a stop to bullying.

Mountain Empire Kenpo Karate is offering a free class to kids Saturday, August 17, to teach them how to react if they are bullied. The instructor says it's about children preventing the situation and then protecting themselves.

He decided to offer the free seminar after a parent approached him with a story about how their child was attacked by bullies. "Parents can't be with their kids 24/7. Teachers can't be with their kids 24/7. So when a child is confronted with a larger child who is in a bully situation, it's important for them to know how to react to it and how to handle the situation," says Chris Massie with Mountain Empire Kenpo Karate.

The class is free and starts at 1 p.m. at Mountain Empire Kenpo Karate in Bristol, Virginia.

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