“The layoff announced today is directly correlated to a slowdown with the steel industry in Asia, which translates into a reduced demand for metallurgical coal.  Metallurgical coal is produced at the Buchanan Mine and is vital in the production of steel.  Here at home, the domestic economy has shipped far too many jobs overseas, and as a result, our American industry is dealing with the ramifications of slowing economic growth across the Pacific.

“Of course, President Obama’s War on Coal is a contributing factor in today’s announcement.  In the past few years we have seen too many layoffs, too many slowdowns, and too many closures in Southwest Virginia and throughout the United States.  I am proud to stand with the hardworking coalminers, their families, and the broader communities that continue to have their livelihoods devastated by the Obama Administration and its Environmental Protection Agency’s harmful policies.

“Again, I am saddened by today’s news, but I am committed to fighting to do what I can in Washington to keep and grow coal jobs in our region by further promoting an all of the above American energy independence strategy.

"For those impacted by these layoffs, please contact my Abingdon or Christiansburg office to receive a resource packet.”