All-American band endorses all-American brand

All-American band endorses all-American brand

BRISTOL, Tenn. - So what is the best dressed old time string band wearing this year? Pretty much what they've always worn, bibbed overalls.

And chances are they're wearing overalls made in Bristol, Tennessee.

As proof of that, the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band from Goodlettsville, Tennessee stopped by the factory at lunchtime for a special concert, because they're now endorsing the American-made Pointer Brand jeans.

There was a time when it was a rare sight and sound to see and hear a band in the old L.C. King factory in downtown Bristol, but not anymore.

A special concert provided by the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band was held during lunch on Thursday. They're a group of friends and long-time musicians who love to make the old sounds and provide their audiences with some down-home fun.

The old time string bands are really hot right now. "People seemed to be starved for it. Entertainment, not so much the music, they just want entertainment," the band says. But there's no doubt that the music is far above excellent.

The band visited the home of Pointer Brand jeans and overalls for a special purpose. They, like other bands, are endorsing this all-American product made in downtown Bristol. "These buttons here, I've never had them pull out and I have on other brands. Hey, if they're not going to pull on me they're not going to pull on you," one of the band members joked.

All joking aside, they're proud to let people know what they're wearing on stage. "I like that little dog on there," a member said, noting the Pointer label. "The main thing we like about them, they're made in the United States, even better in Tennessee."

For the employees just seeing the band wearing their products made them proud. "When the band played, they had the bibbed overalls on. We're looking at them you know like, 'hey, we made those.' It really makes us feel good to have somebody come in here and see what we do," long-time employee Vickie Wilson said.

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