Abingdon to test sirens

Part of statewide program

ABINGDON, Va. - On March 12 the city of Abingdon, Virginia will test its tornado siren system.

That day, "Tornado Preparedness Day," in Virginia, a day set aside to remind people about the dangers of tornadoes, especially in the spring.

In addition to testing the tornado sirens, which are used to alert people outdoors, Abingdon will also send out a text message to those who subscribe to Alert Abingdon.

City officials urge residents to buy at NOAA Weather radio and remember tornadoes can strike any time of year.

You should also remember the difference between a tornado watch and warning. A watch conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. A warning means a tornado has been spotted.

You can also get the very latest information during severe weather from the Storm Track 5 Weather team on WCYB and on

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