Abingdon Science Teacher Wins 'Super Teacher' Award

ABINGDON, Va. - A local teacher is getting recognized by the Virginia Lottery.

Science teacher Steve Ahn is one of only eight teachers across the Commonwealth who will get the Super Teacher designation this year.

Ahn is a science teacher for the Washington County, Virginia school system at Abingdon High School. He is described by his students and fellow teachers as being the genuine article, meaning he really does enjoy creating new ways to get students involved in learning.

"It's a great experience," Ahn said about his career. "I get to meet a hundred or two hundred new people every year and they all are amazing. There's not one of them that hasn't turned out to be just incredible."

Ahn has been teaching for 16 years; the last three have been in Washington County, Virginia.

As part of the award he received $2,000 and an additional $2,000 for supplies in his classroom. His students will also get a field trip to the Virginia Science Museum.

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