Abingdon program explores the paranormal

Abingdon paranormal program

ABINGDON, Va. - It's getting to be that time of year when we believe in ghosts and spirits -- Halloween.

For some it's not just a seasonal thing; it's a constant search to contact those on the other side.

One of the more historic haunted sites in Abingdon, Virginia invites those in that search to be a part of a talk with a third-generation psychic medium during two programs this season.

The historic district of Downtown Abingdon holds a lot of mysteries and ghost stories. One of the hot spots is the Star Museum, a converted newspaper office, thought to be one of the most haunted sites in Virginia.

"We've been featured in five or six books and that's on the strength of our signature ghost, my great-grandfather W.H. Lyon," says Robert Weisfeld with the museum.

The museum is featuring iconic movie queen Mae West. She had a taste for the unknown and the spirit world beyond. "Our first evidence of her dabbling in spiritualism is either 1926 or 1927, and she was trying to contact Valentino," Weisfeld said.

It's the perfect company for a program for a talk with a physic medium.

Unlike West, this medium says she has a line of communication with another world. "I embrace this and I always have, but I'm not super-public about it. The people that need to know, they know. The closer I get to having more time during retirement, the more I embrace it," medium Pat Bussard said.

Just like West and her friends during the early part of the last century, there are skeptics about such a gift. "If they ever see a headline where a psychic medium gives the lottery numbers, then they'll believe. But the gift doesn't work like that. I'm what they call a spirit lead psychic medium, which means I hear spirit and the spirit will sometimes show me visions. Some people call this an angel," Bussard said.

The museum hopes to study this gift during its programs, not as a gimmick but as something real, just like those funny feelings we all get from time to time.

"I think when you feel that vibration you ought to tune in on it. It's a sign of life after death," Weisfeld said.

Click here for more information about the Abingdon ghost walk.

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