Abingdon Civil War Reenactment Weekend

ABINGDON, Va. - People in Abingdon had a chance to take a look back into the past Sunday at the Muster Grounds.

It was the third annual Abingdon Civil War Weekend.

People had the chance to watch firing demonstrations, check out black powder muskets and talk to reenactors playing the likes of General Robert E. Lee.

During the Civil War, both Union and Confederate troops used the Muster Grounds area.

Civil War Coordinator Stephen Wolfsberger tells us these grounds were originally being used for Revolutionary War reenactments, and he feels this weekend is a great way to educate people both young and old.

"So many people get more of an interactive education and they remember it longer when they can experience something rather than just see it or read about it," said Wolfsberger.

People also had the chance to tour the home 'Retirement' Union troops occupied the home late in the war.

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