Abingdon apartment complex without water for several days

ABINGDON, Va. - Some people in Abingdon have been without water since Friday because of freezing weather and frozen pipes.

Washington Court is home to more than thirty people; most are elderly or disabled.

The complex is owned by G.E.M. Management in Charlotte, North Carolina. They tell us the problem is because the water pipes are in the ceiling, and some of them were leaking. The company says they have been handing out bottles of water to all the residents to use for cooking, drinking, and flushing the toilets while they work to repair the lines.

We spoke with people who have family members living in the complex, who wanted to remain anonymous, that have concerns about the water situation. "It's a huge issue. When you're confined and you have no way to use your facilities, your toilet, it creates an unsanitary situation. It's very serious and this has been going on since the 24th of January." 

G.E.M. Management' tells us five of the six buildings have water turned back on so far. They have plumbers on stand-by for Tuesday in case the pipes freeze again overnight.

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