Abandoned kittens found in electrical piping

Kittens found in Food City electrical piping

PINEY FLATS, Tenn. - Four kittens were saved Friday from electrical piping outside of a Food City grocery store in Piney Flats, Tennessee.

Food City employees and Washington County Animal Control worked together to get the cats out.

The electricity conduit pipes look similar to PVC piping. They stuck straight out of the ground about waist-high.

John Peters is a refrigeration technician at Food City who helped get the last kitten out of the tubes. "When I showed up at the store they already found some of the cats," Peters told us. "They discovered they were in the conduit and that's when we started trying to rescue them. We had to go get more tools."

Food City employees and animal control used a fishnet to rescue three of the cats.

The last one was too scared to get out. They had to use a flexible, steel sewer rod and sponge to pull the fourth kitten out of the pipes, said Peters.

Peters decided to adopt that kitten after rescuing it. "I told my wife and she says it's okay," Peters told the Animal Control officer.

Peters says he's glad to bring the kitten home to his family. "We're giving it another chance," he said.

Andrew Barnett of Washington County Animal Control told us they got all four cats out of the pipes but one of them is still missing. They set a trap right behind the dumpster, near where the cat escaped, in hopes of catching it.

The kittens didn't end up in the pipes on accident, said Barnett. "This right here is [definitely intentional]," he told us. "As soon as you can see the pipes up as high they are, they're coming up to the waist or beyond, you pretty well know someone actually did that deliberately."

They are not looking for suspects, Barnett said, adding they have to focus on helping the kittens. "Right now they're scared, they're really hissy so were going to let them calm down and we'll go from there," Barnett said.

Barnett told us he hopes the rest of the kittens will also be adopted.

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