BUTLER, Tenn. -

UPDATE: A 96-year-old Johnson County woman who had been missing for almost 24 hours has been found. Neighbors, police, K-9 units, and volunteer firefighters had been out since 10 p.m. Saturday searching for Adriana Hindman.
The Johnson County Sheriff's Office tells us she was found earlier Sunday evening by one of their deputies in a barn about a half-mile from her house.

Her son Mike says he's thankful for all the help. "I really can't express the gratitude that we have for the outpouring of assistance and concern from relative strangers," he says.

Mike tells us his mom refused a trip to the hospital and that aside from being a little confused and wet, she is in great shape.


SUNDAY, 6 p.m.: A Johnson County community is banding together to find one of their own who went missing Saturday night. Neighbors, police, K-9 units, and good Samaritans have been searching for 96-year-old Adriana Hindman.

Minutes have been ticking by with silence for one man who is desperately waiting to hear that his mother has been found. "My 96-year-old mother wandered away. Despite a very aggressive search throughout the night we've not been able to find her,” said her son Mike Hindman.

Hindman tells News 5 the last time he saw his mother was Saturday evening around 9 p.m. when she was walking down to the mailbox. "It looked like she was holding an envelope or some white paper. She stopped at the mailbox We watched her, She just sort of walked around a little bit, [then] we lost sight of her," said Hindman.

Hindman says his mother walks to the mailbox often. She lives in a little house only a few feet away from her son's house on Dry Hill Road in Butler.

Mike told us Adriana has early to moderate Alzheimer's disease, but has never wandered away before. "She's small. She's 80 pounds, about 4' 8" with blondish white hair," said Hindman, describing his mother.

Hindman said his mother wasn't wearing any clothes that would stand out. They were described as "khaki-colored linen slacks, her walking shoes, a brown lightweight jacket, and a wool ski cap."

Johnson County Sheriff Deputy, Adam Quinn told News 5 search crews have been to every house in a three-mile radius of where she was last seen. They checked all the roads and then turned to the wooded areas. "A lot of these [volunteers] we don't even know, but they were out all night [searching]," said Hindman.

Hindman says one thing she may talk about is where she grew up. "She may talk about California because that's where she's from originally, and [it's] where she was living before she came here seven months ago," he said.

Until he hears from his mother, Mike Hindman will be out searching himself and waiting by the phone, hoping for answers. "We certainly understand that the longer time is, the more frightening it is," said Hindman.

Hindman also told News 5 his mother is in good health besides the beginning stages of Alzheimer's and high blood pressure.

If you have seen Adriana or know where she might be, you should contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office at 423-727-5275. You can also contact the sheriff's office if you want to help search.