Imagine after years of work, you retire. But you're not getting your retirement benefits and you're left waiting almost a year for your first check.

That's the case for a local military veteran. We caught up with the Johnson City man and sorted through the facts.

Meet Arthur Warner, he served more than 20 years in the U.S. military, two years in Vietnam. Since then he's worked across the country with veterans like himself.

Most recently he worked at Mountain Home VA Medical Center in Johnson City and he retired May 31 2012. "When I left there, I felt really confident that everything had been put in place to where my request would go forward and be processed on time," said Warner.

But time has proven to be a big problem -- Warner says he hasn't received a single retirement check in almost a year.

Warner showed News 5 all the paperwork he's filed with the Office of Personnel Management, which handles retirement benefits for federal employees. "I did get a letter back in January that said it would take two to four weeks to complete what needed to be done and I would be getting my back pay. But that has not happened yet, " added Warner.

When it comes to why Warner has yet to receive his benefits, the answer isn't so simple. OPM processed a record number of retirement claims in February 2013 -- more than 15,000.

Congressman Phil Roe says Warner's wait could be because thousands of veterans are also retiring.

Warner says checking the mail becomes more frustrating each day. "[I] have it in my mind that next month I'm going to get the retirement, so I don't have to pay my health insurance and my dental insurance out of my pocket," he said.

Congressman Phil Roe says he has now assigned a staff member to look into Mr. Warner's matter; we'll let you know how it works out.