United Way fundraising behind schedule

POSTED: 5:49 PM Nov 08 2012

One local United Way is trying to find new ways to raise more money because they are behind schedule to meet their goals for the year.

The Hawkins County United Way has raised about $120,000, but that is about $45,000 short of their goal for the year.

The deadline for fundraising is supposed to be next Thursday, but that date could be extended to make sure the 15 local county organizations get the money needed, especially for heating assistance this time of year.

"We definitely need the funding," said Patrick Lund with the Hawkins County United Way. "There are people in our area with no indoor running water or bathrooms, they don't heat their homes because they can't afford to pay for the heat."

Lund said they are in the process of setting up an online account to help raise more money.