Tennessee driver service centers open for ID's

POSTED: 8:08 PM Nov 03 2012

Voters in Tennessee must have a valid, government issued photo ID to cast a ballot on Tuesday.

A handful of driver service centers in Tennessee opened their doors Saturday making sure people get a photo ID before the election. 

We’ve learned the turn-out was relatively low at the Driver Service Center in Johnson City Saturday.

Officials tell us people have been coming in throughout the week, but some say they chose to get their photo ID on Saturday hoping to skip long lines.

"I went to another office to get my driver’s license switched over to photo ID and didn't get waited on," says customer Linda Hardin.

"If you've already had a government issued ID and it has your picture on there, you can use that. Even if it's expired you can still use that. You can still use an expired driver’s license if it has your picture on it," explains Driver’s Service Center Employee Alex Barger

We’ve learned Tennessee residents can still get a photo ID Monday and  Tuesday before heading to the polls.