The National Weather Service is conducting Tennessee Severe Weather Awareness Week through Friday, February 22 to call attention to the peak of the severe weather season. Historically, the spring months, especially March, April, and May, are the most active for severe weather throughout Tennessee.

However, severe weather can occur any time of year.

A powerful storm moved across the South on January 29 and 30, 2013, bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms to Tennessee. The National Weather Service tells us this storm produced 22 tornadoes and widespread wind damage across the state. This severe weather incident resulted in one fatality and three injuries in Tennessee.

According to NWS records, the total of 22 tornadoes makes the Jan. 30, 2013 event the largest January tornado outbreak in Middle Tennessee history, eclipsing the previous record of 12 tornadoes that occurred on Jan. 24, 1997. It also makes Jan. 30, 2013 the second biggest outbreak of tornadoes for any month in Middle Tennessee history.

"As we've already seen in 2013 severe weather can happen any time in Tennessee, but the greatest threat occurs from March through May", said Tom Johnstone, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the NWS in Nashville. "Severe Weather Awareness Week in February is a chance for Tennesseans to learn about, and prepare for, all of the hazards the upcoming severe weather season will bring."

“We sometimes wait until the storm is upon us to think preparedness,” said Jim Bassham, director of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. “If we consider the lingering impact of Hurricane Sandy and our own experiences with tornadoes already in 2013, it should be pretty clear that waiting to be ready is not a plan that’s going to save your life or the lives of your family.”

You can rely on the StormTrack 5 Team to alert you to dangerous weather and to track severe thunderstorms through the region.

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