New research shows mixing certain medications with grapefruit can be dangerous

POSTED: 9:45 PM Nov 29 2012
BRISTOL, Tenn. -

The next time you're walking through the isles at the grocery store, you might want to think twice before reaching for a certain fruit. "Certain medications don't mix well with grapefruit," says Dr. Grat Correll of the Mountain View Medical Center.

Dr. Correll tells News 5 grapefruit and grapefruit juice can be harmful to your liver if you're on certain medications. "The grapefruit juice blocks up that chemical pathway, it makes it harder for that medication to get broken down and metabolize."

And he says it affects more medications than you'd think. "Cholesterol medications, which a lot of people are on, some blood pressure medications, some heart medications, and then anxiety and depression medications."
Resident Traci Seats tells us "It's sort of scary, I know a lot of older people take their medicine with juice to make it easier for medication to go down, and you never know, I never knew anything about that."

Doctors say it's not all juices, they say you can prevent harm by simply switching from grapefruit to something like orange juice. "Orange juice is fine, grape juice is fine, so it just really seems to be a problem with grapefruit juice more than anything else," says Dr. Correll.

A warning Traci Seats says she will pass on to her family. "My mom takes a lot of medicine, just with age and everything, it makes you wonder. You know, a lot of the elderly it really is sort of worrisome, so I will definitely make sure my mom knows this," says Seats.

Doctors say it's not just dangerous to drink grapefruit juice at the same time you take your medicine...
     they warn you should not drink it at all if you're taking one of the drugs on the list.

If you have a question make sure you ask your doctor.

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