Medical offices concerned about FDA mistake

POSTED: 5:19 PM Oct 25 2012   UPDATED: 5:48 PM Oct 24 2012

Doctors at the Johnson City Eye Clinic were stunned to find their office was included on a Food and Drug Administration list linked the deadly meningitis outbreak.

“We did not receive products from the time period in question," said Dr. Jeff Carlsen.

The FDA list issued Monday was wrong. Even though it was quickly retracted, there's concern about the damage that resulted from the initial release.

Doctors are trying to put patients’ fears at ease. "It’s important that patients understand we have a lifelong commitment to ensuring their safety," said Carlsen.

The erroneous list also included several Mountain States Health Alliance facilities. "Johnson City Medical Center is the only MSHA facility that received the drugs in question from NECC," said Jamie Swift, infectious disease manager at Mountain States Health Alliance.

The hospital started notifying the 63 patients who received the medication last week. "The phone calls to patients took place of the 63. [We were] not able to get ahold of 14," said Swift.

Swift tells me those patients are now receiving certified letters and all of their primary care physicians have been notified.

Despite the FDA's correction, many say the mistake could have been avoided.

"I’m very concerned, especially with a list like that that can have implications for a business, would expect that they look more carefully at the names before releasing to the public," says Carlsen.