Food City makes clipping coupons easier

POSTED: 11:57 AM Mar 11 2013   UPDATED: 5:28 PM Mar 01 2013
coupon craze

It's a craze that is sweeping across America and has everyone looking for the cheapest prices and the best coupons.

Latosha Thornsberry spends nearly six hours a day clipping coupons. "If I'm getting it for free and cheap and can save money for my family, it’s worth it," said Thornsberry.

"People are looking for a deal and coupons are a good way to find them," said Jason Carpenter, Food City store manager.

Carpenter says he's seen more couponers in the last year than in years past. "Used to people would come in with four or five coupons, now they're coming in with binders full with several different pockets for non-food, grocery, bakery, every department in the store," he said.

But Carpenter says that's all about to change -- Food City is now allowing customers to upload coupons to their Food City ValuCards. "[There are] hundreds of coupons they can pick from and load them on to their ValuCard, and the discount is taken automatically off when that card is scanned and they buy that product,” said Carpenter.

The ValuCard on your key ring isn't your only option; we learned you actually could also get an app that goes on your smart phone. Then when you bring it in, you can scan it and it brings up all of your information, giving you all the savings.

And for someone who spends hours searching for the best deals, Thornsberry is happy to take part in it. “It's not as time-consuming when you just have to log in, click what you want and they're on there,” she said.

While you may be itching to try it out, author of The Theory of Grocery Shopping: Food, Choice and Conflict Shelly Kock says that while this makes couponing easier, the savings only go so far. "I would suggest are you using the products you're buying, because you could actually be wasting money by not using what you're buying," she said.

You can also print a list of the items on your card, so you know what to get, but if you prefer paper coupons, you can still print those offline as well.