Five Norfolk inmates bar cells, make demands

POSTED: 7:53 AM Apr 19 2013   UPDATED: 7:53 AM Apr 19 2013

According to the Associated Press, five inmates at the city jail in Norfolk received individual cells after officials say they barred their cell doors and made demands.

The Norfolk Sheriff's Office says the inmates tied bed sheets to their cell door to prevent deputies from entering and issued ultimatums for about two hours Tuesday.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that their demands included a reduced sentence, a cell phone, a call to Gov. Bob McDonnell and Chinese food.

Spokeswoman Paula Miller says that deputies eventually forced entry into the cell after talking with the inmates. They weren't charged in the incident but face disciplinary action from the jail.

Miller says the inmates were considered "high custody level," and one had been sentenced to life plus 63 years.