Experimental plane crashes in field, two people hurt

POSTED: 3:30 PM Oct 11 2012   UPDATED: 5:55 PM Oct 11 2012

Two people were sent to the hospital after the plane they were flying crashed in Greene County, Tennessee.

An airplane that's made for the sky ends in complete destruction on the ground in Greene County, Tennessee.

"When I arrived on scene, I had a small, single-engine, two-passenger aircraft that had taken off," said Robert Sayne, the Greene County EMS director.

We learned the crash happened around 2:00 Thursday afternoon inside the the fly-in community of Hensley Airpark off Chuckey Pike.

Sayne told us it appears there was a mechanical problem shortly after take-off.

"There was some type of problem with the aircraft, and it immediately started coming back down, and they were able to crash it into an open field next to the runway," Sayne added.

Sayne confirms the passengers of the experimental plane are 66-year-old Jack Cooper and 50-year-old Marcel Bravo. He said it's unclear who was flying.

Sayne told us crews had to contain a small fuel leak, and both men were taken to the hospital one of them with a serious back injury.

Nearby resident Trish Carter told me she heard some of the chaos and knew one of the passengers.

"There was all kinds of sirens and everything," said Carter.  "I was scared, because I don't want anybody to be hurt. My understanding is they had worked on the plane and were just test driving it."

The plane crashed just about 50 yards away from a residential home, leaving emergency workers thankful it wasn't worse.

"I think they took a lot of care in making sure that they put the aircraft where they put it at," said Sayne.

"I'm just thankful it didn't hit any of those [homes], because there could've been some fatalities, because it would've been awful," said Carter.

We checked with Johnson City Medical Center officials and learned both men were in stable condition.

We also found out members of the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Association are likely to be on site Friday to investigate.