Elizabethton puts package stores on ballot

POSTED: 9:52 PM Nov 07 2012   UPDATED: 5:18 PM Nov 08 2012

In Elizabethton, they put the option of having package stores in the city on the ballot for the first time.

That has residents like Shaun Embry concerned. "That's a big thing, propaganda of the children, and being in their face, though it's in their face regardless," says Embry.

However, city manager Fred Edens tells News 5 there are already people waiting to apply to be store owners.

However, he says the process will not be that easy. "We do background checks, and once that is completed we send that to ABC and the state for them to be able to get their license," says Edens.

Whether they voted for or against package stores, all residents will eventually see a benefit according to Edens. "It's going to create a new revenue for the city, which in turn will reduce the possibility of having to suggest raising taxes," he explained.

Elizabethton is a free-market area, which means it doesn't limit the number of stores that can open in the city. "As far as where stores are located, its essentially commercial areas," Edens says. 

The city will hold its first reading of the proposed ordinance Thursday, November 8.

Applications cannot be accepted until after the second reading, which will be December 13.