The following people are candidates for the May 21, 2013 Sullivan County municipal elections:

Akard, DavidBristol Councilman - East
Buskell, Kelly I. IIIBristol School Board - East
Butcher, Jim N.Bristol School Board - West
Ellis, GwenBristol School Board - East
Evans, DonBristol Councilman - East
Feierabend, MargaretBristol Councilman - South
Harrison, Jill M.Bristol School Board - East
Keen, ChadBristol Councilman - East
Lorio, Morgan PackardBristol Councilman - East
Powers, LeaBristol Councilman - West
Pyle, NelsonBristol School Board - South
Shumaker, DavidBristol Councilman - West
Staton, Joel D.Bristol Councilman - East
Turner, VinceBristol Councilman - South
Young, JackBristol Councilman - South

Bristol voters will cast a ballot for one councilman for each district, and one school board member for each district.

Buckles, LindaKingsport Alderman
Clark, JohnKingsport Alderman
George, ColetteKingsport Alderman
Kerney, EricKingsport Alderman
King, AndyKingsport School Board
Lane, GaryKingsport Mayor
Parham, TomKingsport Alderman
Phillips, Dennis R.Kingsport Mayor
Upshaw, Carrie C.Kingsport School Board

Kingsport voters will cast a ballot for three aldermen, two school board members, and a mayor.

Bowling, RichardBluff City Alderman
Harrington, RayBluff City Alderman
Leonard, Lon GeneBluff City Mayor
Miller, RobertBluff City Alderman
Wells, IreneBluff City Mayor

Bluff City voters will cast a ballot for two aldermen, and a mayor.