25th Annual Martin Luther King Jr March Continues In Abingdon, VA

Folks Marched Down Main Street In Honor Of Doctor King, Organizers Say This Years Theme Was "Economic Justice Today"

For the past 25 years, people have gathered in Abingdon, Virginia and marched in honor of Martin Luther King Junior day.

Organizers say this years theme was "Economic Justice Today."

The march finished at the Abingdon United Methodist Church, where a program was held in honor of Doctor King.

A speech Doctor King made in 1967 called "The Other America" was played.

Participants say the community in Washington County, Virgina has always shown great support for the event.

"The African-American population in Washington County is about two percent," says participant Dennis Hill. "The people you see here today have been here many years and have been very supportive of the celebration," he says.

The event was organized by the Appalachian Peace Education Center, with support of the Virignia Highlands Community College.

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