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TN General Assembly to focus on Insure Tennessee

On Monday the Tennessee General Assembly will take up an issue projected to impact 280,000 people in the state, Gov. Bill Haslam's ambitious healthcare initiative- Insure Tennessee.

Apartment catches fire in Abingdon Sunday morning

First responders were called to an apartment fire Sunday morning.

Local author pens book about Southwest Virginia's history

Frank Kilgore loves Southwest Virginia, that's why he's written four books about it.

Farmers needed: Build It Up East Tennessee looking for would-be growers

Have you always wanted to start your own farm or garden, you just lacked the knowledge or cash? Today may be your lucky day.

Free supplies for Greene County teachers

School supplies are expensive and many school systems can't cover the cost, so the burden often falls on the teacher.

Student-built cabin sold at auction

A student-built cabin went for a decent sum of cash Saturday to help fund a local vocational program

Cheating your way to an 'A"

What if you could cheat your way through school? Would you do it?


Local Tennesseans considered for judgeship

Seven people from our region are being considered to be the next judge for the third judicial district Circuit Court.

Sexual assault reported on ETSU campus

The East Tennessee State University Department of Public Safety issued a statement on Friday that a female student reported being sexually assaulted in a parking lot.

Greene Valley residents', employees' future uncertain

The closing of a developmental facility has created many questions to be answered.


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