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Local man drowns after trying to save three daughters from current in N.C.

According to authorities, a 35-year-old father from Piney Flats, Tenn. drowned Monday while trying to rescue his three daughters off the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Johnson City man arrested on child abuse charges

Police say that the man spanked his two children, causing a large red handprint to a 9-year-old boy’s back and red marks to an 8-year-old girl’s face and back.

School board makes moves to replace superintendent position

The Bristol Virginia School Board is taking steps to find a new superintendent. The seat remains open following the death of Superintendent Rex Gearhart in May.

Report: Women 'significantly underrepresented' in politics

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to top a major party's presidential ticket. But overall, women in the U.S. remain 'significantly underrepresented' in public office.

Pokemon Go increasing Tri Cities downtown business sales

Pokemon Go has people shopping and dining in the Tri Cities downtown areas.

Everyday oil spills dangerous without quick intervention

Crews are wrapping up the cleanup of a diesel spill that happened Friday in Castlewood, Virginia. It was one of two spills there last week, and in our region they occur everyday.

Local family shows appreciation for law enforcement

"With all the news lately and things happening in the world, we just wanted to show appreciation for our law enforcement,” Melanie Matthews said.

Young robotics team shows balloon footage from 125,000 feet

From that altitude, you can see the curvature of the earth and a few thunderstorms down below.

Brother's Keeper holds grand opening

Brother's Keeper helps adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities to grow through various activities. The activities work on academics, wellness, spiritual growth and life skills.

Southwest Va. women sentenced after pleading guilty to drug charges

Both pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute the drug alpha-PVP, also known as gravel.


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