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Blackbird Bakery expands just in time for Rhythm & Roots weekend

The Rhythm and Roots Reunion is only days away and it showed as tents started going up in downtown Bristol on Tuesday. We talked to organizers about the best way to get into town for the festival.

AT&T partners with ETSU to stop texting and driving

A cell phone company is partnering with a local college to stop texting and driving.

Cancer patient to meet Taylor Swift for 10th birthday

Danna suffers from brain tumors. She's made a lot of friends at St. Jude's Affiliate Hospital in Johnson City, but her birthday wish is allowing her to make one more.

Experts say practicing emergency drills at school can make a difference

Tuesday students and teachers at one area school spent the day practicing lockdown and evacuation drills.

An inspirational P-51 Mustang exhibit

Let Freedom Ring 2014 comes to Lonesome Pine Airport with an inspirational P-51 Mustang and its story.

Boko Haram survivor speaks out

A Boko Haram survivor finds refuge in our region and speaks out about her new life away form the violence.


Virginia Intermont cleaning out, holding yard sale

Imagine packing up the home you've lived in for decades; now imagine that home is the size of a university more than 130 years old.

Washington County courthouse renovations resuming

The second floor is still dry wall, dust and nails, but the vision on the blueprints for the second floor of the Washington County courthouse will soon be a reality.

Children being prescribed too many antibiotics, study says

A new study found doctors are prescribing too many antibiotics to children.  We took a look at how often that happens locally.

Mary the elephant resurrected at ETSU

A 100-year-old story is now a reality, thanks to a renowned artist and  art and design students from East Tennessee State University.


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