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Treatment training for mental illness and addiction

Mental illness and drug abuse may sound like two separate issues but put them together and they need to be treated as one.

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Bean Station pharmacy shooter enters guilty plea

Jason Bryan Holt pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted first degree murder.

GENERIC niswonger children's hospital

Announcement for children's health partnership

A new local alliance benefiting kids will be announced Monday.


Larry Manis

New charges filed against former teacher

More charges have been filed against a former Washington County, Tennessee special education teacher.

UPDATE: Teen charged with murder after shooting in Pound, Va.

A Pound, Virginia teenager who is accused of shooting his older brother is charged with first-degree murder.

Flu season has started in the Tri-Cities

Pharmacies around the region are starting to see people with flu symptoms.


Tennessee Treasury Department matches money for low income families

Saving for college can be hard, especially for families who have a tough time making ends meet.

Senator proposes bill to simplify federal financial aid

Senator Lamar Alexander has proposed the "Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act," otherwise known as the fast act.

Stopping the silence of domestic violence

The World Health Organization says one-third of all women experience domestic violence during her lifetime. As Samantha Kozsey found out, help for this violent epidemic is only a phone call away.

New initiative to cut down on sexual child abuse

Child abuse is something that can affect children of all ages. In some circles it's known as ‘the silent crime'.


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