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Sobriety test

NTSB recommends states lower legal BAC to .05

No one is going to tell you they support drunken driving, or that something shouldn't be done to deter people from hitting the road hammered.

Afro emojis

Afro Emoji app adds its voice to digital world

A new sticker app featuring African characters and pan-African phrases has launched worldwide.


Inside the world of the accidentally Twitter famous

The great Super Bowl Velveeta shortage of 2014 -- otherwise known as #cheesepocalypse -- was a stressful time for queso lovers nationwide. But the lack of…


A text a day to keep the doctor away?

Text messages could be the latest solution to the very old problem of getting patients with chronic diseases to take their medications.

Zika mosquitos not for media gallery

Zika tests Catholic position on birth control

Zika-infected mosquitoes aren't just causing medical problems, they're creating a theological conundrum for the Roman Catholic Church, according to priests and…

Kristen Stewart 2015 file photo

'Resting b#*ch face' is real, scientists say

Good news, everyone! You can now wear your mildly discontented face with some validation.

More than 79 million Americans infected

New vaccines for HPV, meningitis recommended

New vaccines for meningococcal type B and HPV and are among the updates to the immunization schedule published for children and adults.

Marshall Tucker Band to headline this year's Racks by the Tracks

An annual music festival that draws thousands of people announced its lineup for this year. Organizers for Racks by the Tracks announced The Marshall Tucker…

Pope Francis arm outstretched

Don't gossip, Pope warns priests and nuns

Pope Francis has warned gossip-loving priests and nuns not to fuel the "terrorism of gossip," encouraging them to resist the temptation to spread voices and…

Bad bread in school served to local students

Students at a local high school were served moldy bread for lunch. Now, the school district put out a statement.

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