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Valentines Day flowers generic

Valentine's Day Fast Facts

Here's some background information about Valentine's Day, celebrated every February 14th.


How your brain works against your best intentions

Have you ever tried to stop yourself from doing something, but were unable to summon up the willpower? A new study finds your brain might be working against…

Loose arm bars on 6,000 high chairs mean fall hazard, recall

Watch where your baby is sitting! Nearly 6,000 high chairs are being recalled because of a fall hazard.

Mosquito Zika virus

What are the chances I'll get the Zika virus?

The Zika virus was discovered nearly 70 years ago, but chances are you probably hadn't heard of it until the past few months.

Date you’ll be able to buy wine at Tenn. groceries up for debate

Drink wine? Starting July 1, it’ll be sold in Tennessee grocery stores -- maybe.

Virginia Senate votes to raise speed limit for reckless driving

The Virginia Senate passed a bill that would prevent some drivers from being charged with reckless driving for going 11 miles over the speed limit.

Doctor's office

Study finds new potential jet lag treatment

Jet lag might be the worst part of long-distance travel, especially when it leaves you feeling tired, cranky and off-kilter for days.

Albert Einstein

Science announcement could validate Einstein

It could be an announcement of the utmost gravity.

Medical marijuana

Study: Teenage weed use may hurt verbal skills later

People who smoked weed regularly as teenagers remembered fewer words as they entered middle age, according to a new study published online by JAMA Internal…

Mardi Gras

All the festive facts about Mardi Gras

Break out your beads and get in your last bites of king cake -- Mardi Gras is nigh.

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