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July 4th fireworks: 5 fun things to know

As night skies hiss and crack with fireworks on July Fourth, millions of Americans will gather to gaze at the grand explosions illuminating the skies.


Running shoes

Rain can't stop Atlanta Peachtree Road Race

Bad weather did not put a damper Saturday on the world's biggest 10K, which saw a rain and lightning delay for thousands.

About 60,000 registered for the 2015…

Fourth of July festivities in East Tennessee and SW Virginia

America’s birthday is coming up and the celebrations have been planned. The next step is yours: Decide where you want to go!

(img1)Jonesborough Days underway despite rain

First full day of this year's Jonesborough Days

The 45th annual Jonesborough Days is in full swing. About nine food tents and 70 craft tents are lining Main Street in downtown Jonesborough.

beagle, dog, closeup

What you need to know about the dog flu

New cases of canine influenza have spread across several states, and veterinarians are urging vigilance.

In the market for a mansion? Devault Manor going to auction

Looking for a new home in the Johnson City area? The Devault Manor, modeled after Magdalena Palace in Europe, is going to be auctioned off on Friday, July 10.…

A look at Mt. Carmel's new senior center

Mt. Carmel has a new senior center. It's open, but the city admits it still needs to make improvements and buy more furniture.

Easier parking coming to downtown Johnson City

Parking in downtown Johnson City should be getting easier, in about a month, but you'll be limited to two hours in certain areas.

Before you go for a swim: baby floats recalled

It’s summer and a treat to go in the pool, but we have an important recall involving baby floats. About 3,000 flotation devices that were sold online have…

All Tennessee counties ready to issue gay marriage licenses

All of Tennessee's county clerks are ready to or are already issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, according to county staffers and gay marriage…

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