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10 tourist traps worth seeing

POSTED: 5:15 PM Dec 04 2012   UPDATED: 2:00 AM Jun 30 2013

Here are 10 places worth fighting other tourists to see this summer, according to Yahoo! Travel.

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Here are 10 places worth fighting other tourists to see in your travel plans this summer, according to Yahoo! Travel.

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closeup of basketball seams, ball

Basketball teams banned for throwing game

Two major high school girls basketball teams have been banned from postseason play after allegedly throwing a game.

Patrick Swazye

NYPD using Patrick Swayze movie for training

The New York City Police Department has apparently turned to a Patrick Swayze cult classic to help teach its officers how to treat civilians.

Giant catfish Italy

Giant catfish caught in Italian river

Catfish come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, some big and some small.

Pope Francis in Bethlehem

Pope Francis irks Mexico

The choice of a word by Pope Francis has drawn ire from Mexico's government. And on Wednesday, the Vatican told Mexico that the Pontiff meant no offense.

In a private email to a friend, Francis had lamented increased drug trafficking in his native Arg...

Mexican Red-Legged tarantula

Hibernating pet tarantulas stolen from crawlspace

A Georgia man says somebody got into a crawlspace under his house and spider-napped some pet tarantulas.


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