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Woman makes a difference in her health with better lifestyle choices

A woman has turned her life around after suffering heart problems, and she did it through diet and exercise.

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Woman recovers after breathing, heart problems

Agnes Perry is full of life and keeps everyone laughing, but a little more than a year ago she wasn't able to do anything without being short of breath and…

Smyth County woman finally has increased heart function after heart attack

A success story is what doctors are calling Barbara Moser after having a heart attack attack

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Everyday activities became difficult for woman with heart aneurysm

Monday is the 5th of the month and that means it's time to Live Red for women's heart health.

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Heart condition made everyday activities difficult for local woman

A Bristol woman says she'll never forget the look of concern on her doctor's face when she learned her lungs were filled with blood.

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Kingsport woman has heart attack symptoms for a week

A Kingsport woman had signs of a heart attack for a week but didn't know the pain was actually being caused by her heart -- as we learned Wednesday, not…


70-year-old continues to play basketball after a hole in her heart

A woman was 70 years old before she found out she had a hole in her heart, and just two weeks after a procedure she's back shooting hoops with her team.


Woman has 'silent heart attack' during run

She works out for an hour a day, she eats right and doesn't smoke, but Sue Hopkins had a heart attack and didn't even know it.

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Woman survives two rare heart attacks

For this month's Live Red story, we spoke to a woman who suffered a rare heart attack twice.

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Heart surgery gives breath of life to Kingsport woman

When some people think about open heart surgery they think about blockage to the heart, but a different kind of heart surgery is helping a local woman live…

Local woman back to work after serious heart condition

Monday was 58-year-old Debbie Hurd's first day back at work as a medical technologist at Holston Valley Medical Center. She had to take a few sick days for…

Awareness of heart attack symptoms

While on vacation in Switzerland a Greene County woman thought she got a virus, but it turns out she had a heart attack.

Local woman undergoes procedure during live broadcast

A local woman is capturing the eyes and ears of doctors from across the country. She's using her own unique medical procedure to helping others.

Woman’s fainting spells end with help of technology

Every fifth of the month, we wear our red at News 5. It's part of our partnership with Wellmont Health System to keep you informed about the leading cause of…


Doctors patch hole inside woman's heart

A local woman experienced fatigue and even had a mini-stroke before she learned she had a hole in heart the size of a dime.


Simple HeartSHAPE test shows warning signs of heart disease

In less than five minutes, a simple test can give you a number that could help save your life.


Heart disease common among diabetics

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, but did you know for diabetics it could be their heart that's most dangerous to them?


Success is possible after heart failure diagnosis

Each 5th of the month News 5 partners with Wellmont Health System encouraging women to Live Red; this month hear the story of a local woman making strides…

Live Red 9-5-2012

Woman shares story of heart health, post-surgery, four years later

Four years after surgery, Leslie Lee says she’s still working to keep her heart working.


Woman Almost Misses Heart Problem

Many people don't think twice about shortness of breath. They tend to link it to other things like stress or even lack of physical activity.

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