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Gett sized

Volkswagen invests $300 million in Uber competitor Gett

You may not have heard of Gett, but don't discount it. The Uber and Lyft competitor just got a major boost from Volkswagen.

Gett, an Uber-like service that's…

Cameron to discuss trade issues with Chris Christie

UK PM buys used car for wife

When used car dealer Iain Harris took a call saying the prime minister was on his way to buy a modestly-priced motor, he assumed it was one of his friends…

takata airbag dummy

Toyota adds 1.6 million cars to airbag recall

Toyota is recalling 1.6 million additional vehicles over concerns with airbag inflaters from the Japanese parts manufacturer Takata.

According to several news…

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

This self-driving car company is on fire

One of the hottest tech stocks of the past year and a half is helping to make driverless cars a reality.

Uber Car

For Uber, Lagos is bigger than London

Uber launched in Lagos less than two years ago, but executives say business in the Nigerian city is booming despite fuel shortages and an economic slump.

Want a Tesla? Get a job at this company

Forget about on-site massages and free dry cleaning. This tech company is giving its employees Teslas.

Volkswagen emblem

Scandal-plagued VW gives 120,000 workers a 5% pay hike

Volkswagen is in big trouble over its emissions cheating scandal, but that's not stopping its workers from getting a healthy raise and bonus.

Uber is testing its first self-driving car

If you live in Pittsburgh, keep an eye out for a self-driving Uber.

new Google logo

Google patent would glue pedestrians to self-driving cars

Google just got a patent for a special kind of coating on self-driving cars that could help prevent pedestrian injuries.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is selling $2 billion of its stock to accelerate its Model 3 production

Tesla is selling $2 billion of its stock to finance the increased production capacity needed to meet the demand for its new Model 3 car.

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